Postdoctoral Fellows

From 2004 to 2011, the I3P sponsored a postdoctoral research fellowship program, with annual awards granted according to the merit of the proposed work, the extent to which the proposed work explores creative and original concepts, and the potential impact of the topic on the U.S. information infrastructure.

The program offered an unparalleled opportunity to conduct research at an I3P member institution, while helping build a nationwide cadre of cyber security experts. Prospective applicants were expected to contribute to the overall depth and breadth of critical infrastructure research in the U.S. and to address a core area of research, which included trustworthy computing, enterprise security management, secure systems engineering, network response and recovery, identity management and forensics, wireless computing and metrics, as well as the legal, policy and economic dimensions of security.

The following researchers were recipients of an I3P Postdoctoral Fellowship:


Minyoung Kim

SRI International: “Security Across Multi-layered Systems”

Sean Whalen

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, Davis: “Metric-based Anomaly Detection”


Earl Barr

University of California at Davis:  “Validate, Verify, and Construct Secure Database-Intensive Web Services”

David Dagon

Georgia Tech Information Security Center: “A Proposal for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring, Analysis, and Protection”


Michael E. Locasto

George Mason University: “Open Taint: Flexible and Automatic Dataflow Tagging and Control for User-Level Programs”
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Calgary

Shishir Nagaraja

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “Structure of Peer-to-peer Botnets: Strengths and Limitations”
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Illinois and Assistant Professor, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi


Kenneth Crowther

University of Virginia: “Risk-based Identity Management for Flexible Regional Emergency Response Plans”
Current Position: Multi-Disciplined Systems Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

Ruy DeOliveria

Purdue University: “Collaborative Attacks in Wireless Networks.”
Current Position: Professor of Computation, Eletro-Electronic and Telecommunications at The Federal Institute of Education, Cuiabà-MT, Brazil

Sean Peisert

University of California, Davis: “Forensic Analysis through Goal-Oriented Logging”
Current Position: Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of California Davis and Research Scientist at the Computational Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Ashish Gehani

SRI International: “Verifying Multimedia Sensor Data Provenance”
Current Position: Computer Scientist at SRI International

Kazuhiro Minami

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: “Distributed Authorization in Virtual Organization”
Current Position: Associate Professor, National Institute of Informatics, Japan

Patrick Reynolds

Cornell University: “A New Operating System for Trusted Computing”
Current Position: Engineer at BlueStripe Software

Robin Sommer

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: “Distributed Cooperative Security Monitoring”
Current Position: Staff Researcher in the networking group at the International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, CA and a member of the Advanced Computing for Science Department at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Nikos Triandopoulos

Dartmouth College: “Algorithms for High-Assurance in Cyber Security”
Current Position: Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and the Center for Reliable Information Systems & Cyber Security (RISCS) at Boston University. Adjunct research faculty at Brown University’s CS Department


Hao Chen

University of California, Davis: “Secure Systems and Network Response and Recovery”
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of California, Davis

Fariborz Farahmand

Purdue University: “Measuring, Managing and Mitigating Information Security Risk”
Current Position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University

Jonathan Herzog

The MITRE Corporation: “Trusted Cryptographic Devices and Sub-systems”
Current Position: Technical Staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratories


Guanling Chen

Dartmouth College: “Secure and Dependable Information Systems, Grid Computing”
Current Position: Associate Professor at University of Massachusetts, Lowell and Affiliate Faculty at the Institute of Security Technology Studies at Dartmouth College

Xiaoxin Wu

Purdue University: “Wireless Networks and Wireless Communications, Supporting Quality of Service in Hierarchical Wireless Networks”
Current Position: Department of Intel Communication Technology China Lab, Beijing China

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