The I3P is a cornerstone of cyber security Research and Development in the United States. We support multiple research projects in areas that are considered critical to national security and lend themselves to a collaborative approach.

Agile Research
The I3P has adopted an effective strategy for addressing problems in cybersecurity. Our Agile Research process is fast, incremental, transparent, and designed to produce actionable, impactful results.

Our Approach
Researchers from member organizations engage with each another on a regular basis, either in person at team meetings and workshops or via regularly scheduled conference calls. The ability to exchange ideas and support imaginative thinking in a trusted environment is one of the I3P’s unique strengths. In addition, each project focuses on real-world issues and emphasizes outcomes, such as new security tools, best practices, and an improved understanding of the vulnerability landscape. These  outcomes are made possible by engaging stakeholders and end-users in the research process and by integrating technology transfer into the project plan.

How Our Projects are Chosen
Before committing to new research initiatives, the I3P undertakes an assessment of the need, level of vulnerability and perceived threat to national security. In addition, the I3P asks three key questions of each prospective research project:

  1. Is the issue a pressing security need that will benefit from a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional approach?
  2. Does the I3P have the collective expertise to address the identified vulnerabilities and develop effective mitigation strategies?
  3. Will the outcome be of general use to either an economic sector or a specific group of end users?

Please check back soon to see a full overview of the I3P’s current and past research projects or contact us to learn more.