The I3P holds frequent meetings, workshops and conferences to share its latest findings and to discuss new research directions with stakeholders. I3P workshops showcase research results and demonstrate new tools and technologies generated by the I3P’s research initiatives. The events also provide a venue for leading experts from the industry, government and research communities to share perspectives, discuss pressing challenges, inform policy and support collaborative movement toward solutions.

The I3P Webinar Series

These complimentary 30 minute webinars, which commence at noon ET on the 3rd Friday of each month, allow our colleagues a relaxed forum through which to share insight into their work and expertise.

Contact us to receive information on upcoming webinars.

I3P Webinar Recordings

  • August 2016 (Kartik Gopalan): Listen
  • September 2016 (Rhea Siers): Listen
  • October 2016 (Matt Bishop): Listen
  • November 2016 (David Balenson): Listen
  • December 2016 (Tiina Rodrigue): Listen
  • February 2017 (Massimiliano Albanese): Listen
  • March 2017 (Sean Smith): Listen

Please see Past Events for a partial list of The I3P’s prior engagements.