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About the I3P

The Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection—the I3P—is a national consortium of leading academic institutions, national laboratories and non-profit research organizations. Since its founding in 2002, the I3P has been a cornerstone in the coordination of cyber security research and development. The I3P brings together researchers, government officials, and industry representatives to address cyber security challenges affecting the nation’s critical infrastructures.

Drawing from its member institutions, the I3P assembles multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research teams able to bring in-depth analysis to complex and pressing problems. Research outcomes are shared at I3P-sponsored workshops, professional conferences and in peer-reviewed journals, as well as via technology transfer to end-users. The I3P also supports programs to promote education and public awareness.

Dedicated to protecting the nation’s information infrastructure—the digital communications networks and the information they transmit—the I3P:

• promotes innovative thinking on current and future challenges
• sponsors peer-reviewed research on critical topics
• informs business, industry, and government stakeholders of research findings
• gathers data and provides analysis to support decision making by businesses and government agencies
• transfers security tools and solutions to end-users
• provides a long-term perspective on cyber security needs and vulnerabilities
• educates the next generation of cyber security experts

Last Updated: 2/20/15