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The Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) is a consortium of leading universities, national laboratories and nonprofit institutions dedicated to strengthening the cyber infrastructure of the United States.

I3P ProspectusRequest for Letters of Interest to Host and Manage the I3P. Prospectus can be viewed here.



Diana BurleyWomen in Business: Diana L. Burley, Cybersecurity Professor, George Washington University. Read the interview here.



george cybenkoI3P Researcher, Professor George Cybenko discusses deciphering patterns in digital behaviors and separates the good from the bad.

Read Hacking the Hackers in the current issue of Dartmouth Engineer Magazine.


Dickie George PBSI3P Researcher Dickie George appeared on the weekly news program White House Chronicle. 

Dickie discusses the many cyber security challenges and vulnerabilities that our nation faces.  Watch the video.


Hacking 101 I3P Researcher discusses the teaching and practice of "cyberoffense".

University of Tulsa, professor Sujeet Shenoi is one of the players taking part in the controversial teaching and practice of what is called "cyberoffense.". Read the full story.


David Nicol I3P Member Institution Receives $2.1 Million to Advance Security of Cyber Systems

David Nicol, director of the Information Trust Institute at the University of Illinois, says they aim to use the new funding to develop scientific principles for enhancing security. Read the full story.



Max I3P Researcher Massimiliano Albanese received the 2014 Mason Emerging Researcher/Scholar/Creator Award, one of the most prestigious honors at George Mason University.  Read more here.





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Last Updated: 5/5/15