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I3P Consortium Meeting
June 10-11 - Washington, D.C.


The Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P) is a consortium of leading universities, national laboratories and nonprofit institutions dedicated to strengthening the cyber infrastructure of the United States.


spear phish study

Training Employees to Avoid Spear-Phishing May Be Ineffective

I3P researchers co-authored a study that suggests training employees to recognize phishing attempts may be an ineffective strategy to protect against malware. Read the full story.




Seymour Goodman

I3P Researcher Discusses The Challenge Government Faces in Recruiting "Cyberwarriors"

Seymour Goodman of the Georgie Institute of Technology says the Government must offer better incentives than the private sector if it wishes to recruit more cyber security experts. Read the full story.





deirdre mulligan

I3P Researcher Discusses Privacy and Policy in the Context of "Big Data"
Assistant professor at UC Berkeley, Deirdre Mulligan, compared today's environment of data collection to that of the 1970's when there were "breathtaking revelations of government overreaching into private lives..." Read the full story.


image ofI3P Researcher Discusses the Consequences of Windows XP End-of-Life
I3P Researcher Kevin Fu of the University of Michigan urges organizations to develop short and long term strategies for mitigating vulnerabilities that come from the now unsupported operating system. Read the full story.


image of

I3P Researcher's Work on Privacy Resonates in Media.
Alessandro Acquisti, a behavioral economist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, has his work on the privacy implications of facial recognition highlighted. Read the full story





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