Cybersecurity Curricula 2017: The 1st Set of Global Cybersecurity Curricular Guidelines

After an extensive two-year process, a joint task force sponsored by the four largest global computing societies: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS), Association for Information Systems (AIS), and the International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) has released a first-ever set of global curricular recommendations in cybersecurity education. This new set of guidelines, Cybersecurity Education Curricula (CSEC2017), is designed to be the leading resource for comprehensive cybersecurity curricular content at the post-secondary level. More than 325 advisors drawn from 35 different countries contributed to CSEC2017. The joint task force was led by Dr.Diana Burley, I3P Executive Director and Dr. Matt Bishop, I3P Representative from UC Davis.

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