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I3P Researchers in the News

June 2015

David Nicol DHS Taps Illinois to Led $20 Million Center in Critical Infrastructute Resiliency  University of Illinois
Dickie George Past NSA tech director: Healthcare 'prime target' for cybercriminals  Johns Hopkins University 

April 2015

Alessandro Acquisti Carnegie Mellon Professor Acquisti Awarded Fellowship from Carnegie Corporation of New York Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Denise Anthony
Apu Kapadia
How Wearable Devices Are Disrupting the Insurance Industry Dartmouth
Indiana University

March 2015

Sean Peisert Peisert Complies Workshop Report on Securing Scientific Computing Integrity Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Kevin Fu What happens with data from mobile health apps? University of Michigan
Diana Burley Women in Business: Diana L. Burley, Cybersecurity Professor, George Washington University George Washington University
Deanna Caputo  Federal agencies embrace new technology and strategies to find the enemy within  MITRE Corporation

February 2015

Sean Smith Dartmouth Readies Students for Cybersecurity Challenges Dartmouth

January 2015

Sean Peisert CRD's Sean Peisert Guest Edits Special Issue of IEEE's Security and Privacy Magazine Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
George Cybenko Hacking the Hackers Dartmouth

December 2014

Denise Anthony
Apu Kapadia
Protecting Individual Privacy in World of Wearable Devices Dartmouth
Indiana University

November 2014

Jean Camp Do Americans lack understanding of privacy polices?  Indiana University
Kevin Fu Pacemakers Get Hacked ON TV, But could It Happen In Real Life?  University of Michigan
Dickie George White House Chronicle Johns Hopkins University

October 2014

Max Albanese Massimiliano Albanese received the 2014 Mason Emerging Researcher/Scholar/Creator Award George Mason University
Sujeet Shenoi The ethics of Hacking 101 Tulsa University
Alessandro Acquisti How much of your data would you trade for a free cookie? Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Rae Zimmerman Designing resilient critical infrastructure New York University

September 2014

Steven Bellovin National Cyber Security Hall of Fame announces Final Selectees for the Class of 2014 Columbia University
Kevin Fu Medical Devices Vulnerable for Hack Attacks University of Michigan
Kevin Fu There's really no delete button on the Internet, expert says University of Michigan
David Kotz New approach to computer security: Wrist-bracelet Dartmouth
Alessandro Acquisti Smart Glasses vs. Smart Phones: Which Augments Reality Better? Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Alessandro Acquisti Why Should Big Data have more right to privacy than people? Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Denise Anthony Dartmouth Teacher Makes Health App Dartmouth
Jean Camp A new plan of attack for cyber security Indiana University

August 2014

Deirdre Mulligan Hacked? Customers are often last to know UC Berkeley

June 2014

Alessandro Acquisti NSA Collects Millions of Facial Images Per Day" Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Diana Burley Diana Burley recognized as Educator of the Year at the 18th Annual Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education George Washington University
David Nicol Illinois receives $2.1 million from NSA to help advance security of cyber systems University of Illinois
Kevin Fu Top three trends from AAMI 2014 University of Michigan
Barry Horowitz Richard Clarke and Karen Jackson co-chair governor-appointed Va. security commission University of Virginia

May 2014

Alessandro Acquisti New Anonymous Facebook Login Hides Info, But Not From Facebook Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Anup Ghosh Cyber attacks present a greater risk to firms as they collect more data about customers George Mason University
Deirdre Mulligan How Urban Anonymity Disappears When All Data Is Tracked UC Berkeley
Sujeet Shenoi TU program helps train nation's spies University of Tulsa

April 2014

Jim Alves-Foss  University of Idaho Competes with Big Leagues in Computing University of Idaho
Angelos Stavrou Mobile can be a business driver, say panelists George Mason University
Deirdre Mulligan  At Berkeley, experts mine questions of Big Data, power and privacy UC Berkeley  
Mauricio Papa Heartbleed Bug Putting Oklahomans' Online Information At Risk University of Tulsa
Seymour Goodman  The U.S. Government Wants 6,000 New 'Cyber Warriors' by 2016 Georgia Tech 
Robert Cunningham National leaders from industry, government to speak at UO computer security event Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Steven Bellovin  Heartbleed: Don't Panic Columbia University
Kevin Fu  As Windows XP security updates cease, what's next for healthcare providers  University of Michigan

 March 2014

Apu Kapadia Not OK, Glass Indiana University
Deanna Caputo Federal agencies embrace new technology and strategies to find the enemy within MITRE Corporation
Alessandro Acquisti Loyalty cards unlock shoppers' data Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Marc Rogers Ex-police officer tackles crimes as director of cyber forensics program Purdue University
Zach Tudor, Ulf Lindqvist A place for learning and development SRI International

 February 2014

William Sanders C-U named one of's "Most Promising Tech Hubs to Watch in 2014 University of Illinois
Steven Bellovin Senate cybersecurity report finds agencies often fail to take basic preventive measures Columbia University
Jonathan Butts  Air Force Researchers Plant Rootkit In A PLC U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology
Jean Camp New U.S. transparency rule: real change or a gag? Indiana University

 January 2014

Anup Ghosh For Target, the Breach Numbers Grow George Mason University
Deanna Caputo, Eric Johnson, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger Why Training Doesn't Mitigate Phishing MITRE, I3P-Dartmouth, Vanderbilt University
Alessandro Acquisti Privacy and technology: How simple photos are leading to full profiles of ordinary people
Academics Call for End to Mass Surveillance
Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
Deirdre Mulligan Are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Living Up to Their Promises in China? UC Berkeley
Mauricio Papa Consultant: Despite Hacks, Info Leaks, Americans Still Lax On Digital Security University of Tulsa

 December 2013

Deirdre Mulligan Privacy Laws Can Create Opportunities, Limitations, California Lawmakers Advised UC Berkeley

 November 2013

Alessandro Acquisti My Identity Was Stolen. Here's How They Did It Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College

 October 2013

Max Albanese  Mason Researchers Receive $6.25 Million to Prevent Cyber Attacks George Mason University
Jean Camp Informatics professor highlights effects of NSA surveillance on students
IU to help Army protect against cyber attacks
Indiana University

 September 2013

Sean Smith Dartmouth IT Security Institute Gets New Leadership Dartmouth
Alessandro Acquisti Facebook Plans to Add Millions More Faces to Its Facial Recognition Database Carnegie Mellon University Heinz  College

 June 2013

Deirdre Mulligan NSA Surveillance Reflects a Broader Interpretation of the Patriot Act UC Berkeley

 May 2013

Brian Tierney Reservoir Labs & Tilera Unveil A New Generation In Cyber Security Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Alessandro Acquisti Drones With Facial Recognition Technology Will End Anonymity, Everywhere
60 MINUTES: Facial recognition technology outpaces regulation
Carnegie Mellon University
Rahul Telang Putting a Price Tag on Film Piracy Carnegie Mellon University
M. Eric Johnson Espionage and sabotage in the virtual world Dartmouth

March 2013

Apu Kapadia Two IU computer scientists earn NSF CAREER Awards for young investigators Indiana University

 February 2013

Sujeet Shenoi Welcome to the Malware-Industrial Complex University of Tulsa
Dickie George Banks seek NSA help amid attacks on their computer systems Johns Hopkins University
Alessandro Acquisti Freedom Isn't Free
Coming soon? Take photo, ID person
Carnegie Mellon University
L. Jean Camp Spinning door for students in IU's security informatics program powered by jobs, jobs, jobs Indiana University
Apu Kapadia PlaceRaider: Virtual Theft in Physical Spaces with Smartphones Indiana University
Seymour Goodman Tale of 'Bob': Does outsourcing new software pose cyber security risk? Georgia Tech
Kevin Fu Preparing for for new healthcare malware attacks I3P Senior Research Associate
Sal Stolfo Cisco VoIP Phones Affected By On Hook Security Vulnerability Former I3P Researcher

December 2012

Denise Anthony Privacy worries go far beyond e-mails Dartmouth

November 2012

Dickie George
Sujeet Shenoi
Federal agencies, private firms fiercely compete in hiring cyber experts Johns Hopkins University
University of Tulsa
Alessandro Acquisti A Trail of Clicks, Culminating in Conflict Carnegie Mellon University
Peter G. Neumann Killing the Computer to Save It SRI International

October 2012

Rahul Telang IFPI - International Federation of the Phonographi : Overall impact of unlicensed p2p file-sharing is negative Carnegie Mellon University
Alessandro Acquisti Skeptics scoff, privacy advocates protest as biometric IDs advance Carnegie Mellon University
Travis Breaux Reconciling Multi-jurisdictional Legal Requirements: A Case Study in Requirements Water Marking' Wins Best Paper Award Carnegie Mellon University
M. Eric Johnson Facebook Tests 'Want' and 'Collect' Buttons: How to Get Started Dartmouth
Denise Anthony Professor examines privacy violations Dartmouth
Zach Tudor FIIW Keynote: What You Can't Measure, You Can't Improve . . . The Current State of Cyber Security SRI International
Brian Tierney At 100 Gbps, ESnet Puts Network Research on Fast Track Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
James Alves-Foss October 25th Cybersecurity Workshop University of Idaho
Deanna Caputo The Human Factor: Using Behavioral Science to Counter Insider Threats MITRE Corporation
Sujeet Shenoi 25 of today's coolest network and computing research projects University of Tulsa
Sujeet Shenoi The NSA Wants Hackers, And It Wants Them On Its Side University of Tulsa
Kevin Fu  Highly Contagious Malware Could Cause 'Mass Murder' By Hacking Pacemakers To Send A Deadly Jolt University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Rae Zimmerman Book Talk by Professor Rae Zimmerman - Transport, the Environment and Security. Making the Connection New York University

June 2012

Rahul Telang Dear [Insert Company Name], Personalized Emails Don't Impress Customers Carnegie Mellon University
Rahul Telang "File sharing is no different from Jimmy Carr's clever accounting Carnegie Mellon University
Alessandro Acquisti A Dollar For Your Data Carnegie Mellon University
Alessandro Acquisti What's next after Facebook buys facial rec software? Carnegie Mellon University
Johannes Gehrke IEEE to Award 14 Industry Professionals Cornell University
Anup Ghosh US military locks down on soldiers' smartphones George Mason University
Seymour Goodman Cyberpower And International Security - Analysis Georgia Institute of Technology
James Alves-Foss IGEM boosts UI cybersecurity program University of Idaho
Dickie George Exclusive: Spy agency seeks cyber-ops curriculum Johns Hopkins University
Helen Nissenbaum Google Privacy Inquiries Get Little Cooperation New York University
Kevin Fu Infections At Medical Device Firm Lasted For Months University of Massachusetts, Amherst

March 2012

Robert Hutchinson Congressional Hearing: "Cybersecurity: Threats to Communications Networks and Public-Sector Responses Sandia National Laboratories
Greg Shannon Congressional Hearing: "Cybersecurity: Threats to Communications Networks and Public-Sector Responses Carnegie Mellon University
Roy Maxion Bypassing the Password Carnegie Mellon University

February 2012

Alessandro Acquisti Real-time face recognition comes to your iPhone camera Carnegie Mellon University
Alessandro Acquisti Privacy in the Age of Big Data Carnegie Mellon University
M. Eric Johnson Facebook IPO will not affect users Dartmouth
M. Eric Johnson Small business owners find gold in daily deal websites, but at a cost Dartmouth
M. Eric Johnson Social media: Information networks are vital to success Dartmouth
Kevin Fu The hack-able body University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Mustaque Ahamad Georgia Tech spinoff secures funding for phone security technology Georgia Institute of Technology

January 2012

Yacov Haimes Chemical cybernetics' and the problem of climate change University of Virginia
Alessandro Acquisti Visibility before all Carnegie Mellon University
Mustaque Ahamad Cyber threats in 2012: 5 pain points Georgia Institute of Technology
Mustaque Ahamad More web users aim to thwart prying eyes Georgia Institute of Technology
Sean Smith Usenix: Dartmouth Expanding Diff, Grep Unix Tools Dartmouth

 December 2011

Raymond Parks Principles of Cyber-warfare Sandia National Laboratories
David Duggan Principles of Cyber-warfare Sandia National Laboratories
M. Eric Johnson Tuck MBAs select top tech toys for the holiday season Dartmouth
M. Eric Johnson Tuck students compile list of season’s top toys Dartmouth
Bruce Bakis So, What Are These Privacy Audits That Google And Facebook Have To Do For The Next 20 Years? MITRE Corporation
Rahul Telang Delaying content leaves money on the table Carnegie Mellon University
Rahul Telang Yet Another Study Shows That Hollywood's Own Bad Decisions Are Increasing The Amount Of Infringement Carnegie Mellon University
Alessandro Acquisti Hacking at Hotels: Mutating Threats at the Ramparts Carnegie Mellon University
Salvatore Stolfo Printer Vulnerability Puts HP Behind the Eight Ball Columbia University
Salvatore Stolfo Print Me if you Dare,' Columbia University Intrusion Detection Systems Lab  Columbia University

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